Thats Jacked Up

Sigh. So, because, working from when I wake up till I pass out on this big ass move at work doesn’t suck enough..

Friday, my wife went out to take the kids to school . She came back in, and notified me that the wheels were stolen. As in, someone jacked the car, detached the wheels, and took’em. Turns out that the Honda price for those is astrofuckingnomical. They also took the rear light assemblies while they were at it (but they were nice enough to not cut the cables, they nicely detached the harnesses - thanks, whoever you are!).

So, naively, I called the Insurance folk. They have the body shop send a truck out, and specifically mention the 0-wheels issue. OF course, the flat bed comes out, and no way to lift the car, short of sliding it on its belly. I declined their services. Insurance agent was suprised; then called their internal tow service. They at least told her up front “no can do”. In the end, I had to go deal with buying the new wheels and tires and jack and all that crap, to get the car mobile again. And now it is at the shop, getting checked out thoroughly, and getting the light clusters replaced.

I think my next car needs to have a rocket inside but look like a total beater on the outside. Bright yellow, of course, but beater.

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