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For friends, family, and people hosting domains here, I am willing to act as a domain registrar. If your domain is hosted here, I prefer that you actually do use this domain service; it allows me to keep tabs on domains that will be expiring. It is far easier to get your domain renewed ahead of time, than to let it expire and then have to try and recover it (expensive or impossible, depending on the timing).

As of November 30, 2016: Updated link - [ Terms and Conditions]

As of July 10, 2011: Domains are being moved to “”, which is a generic storefront site for OpenSRS (the registry we’ve been using all these years). By letting them run the storefront they can handle the credit card payments, and the bits about registering and renewing domains. Prices will go up 6% as a result (I’ve been eating the credit card charges myself in the past, to make payments to OpenSRS).

As of January 2, 2014: Domain contact information must be accurate. Periodically, the registry will perform validation (examples: yearly WHOIS data validation; and any time you change contact info or names on the domain).


As a shortcut, you can use You might find this easier to remember. You can always come to the site as well.

Action Url
Set auto-renew
Make changes
Lost password
Contact (or jfesler)


For the popular domains, prices are at my cost (no markup). OpenSRS’s wholesale price + 9% are used; the 9% covers OpenSRS’s credit card fees and overhead of operating the storefront. TLD’s not listed below are registrable, but with markup; contact me first to change the prices. I don’t want to go through every obscure TLD by hand to set prices. :-) You can actually see what I pay for the domains at - just add the 9% to see the total price.

In addition to the domain fees: Contact Privacy pricing is $3/domain/year, if you want to enable it.

TLD’s enabled , and their new prices as of Jan 2 2014. If you don’t see the TLD you want here, let me know, so that I can 1: enable it, and 2: set the prices to be “at cost”. (This is a tedious process, I don’t want to bother for TLDs that nobody wants).

TLD Without Contact Privacy With Contact Privacy
.com 11.99 15.26
.net 11.99 15.26
.org 12.54 15.81

Contact Information

If your domain contact information is wrong, and you’re unable to access the account to fix it, contact jfesler. I will work with you to authenticate you (usually by your voice, since I know most everybody using the service personally), and from there help rectify the issue.

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