or.. Why the heck do I do this?

Call me old fashioned but in the early days of the ‘net, people did things for other people as a service, out of generousity and and public good.

Before that even, I ran a BBS, also for public benefit. People used it to communicate with others internationally in group discussions. BBSs were connected to each other by occasionally dialing each other up to exchange new messages with each other. They also allowed for public distribution of files, mostly catering to the whim of the system operator. Different BBSs catered to different interest groups.

What I run on continues in the spirit of public service. We host web sites and mail services to help families keep in contact with each other and publish pictures; we host mailing lists that discuss things such as Corvette restoration and woodworking; we host DNS so that people can have their computer on the net (on broadband) be findable so that people can host their own content or run their own mail server.

If you find yourself in need of these services, contact Jason Fesler.

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