Thank you,

I’d like to thank for the excellent service they’ve given me. I recently had to relocate my host. Not only did they quickly handle my needs, they did it with little fuss or fanfare. They also were very flexible and accomodating to my schedule on moving the server.

Support post-install has been great too. Email is responded to within the hour. They have also gone beyond the call of duty in the case of a dispute between myself and a vendor, offering to capture the packets and giving back the log detailing the transaction. Best of all, they _offered_ to do this - no arm twisting. (Thanks Tim!)

For anyone else who’s looking for a place to park a box, here’s the deal I’ve got. $225/month pays for shelf space (my box isn’t rackable), power, cooling, and bandwidth. Response time to meet at the colo is 1 hour, 24x7.

Bandwidth: I get 1 gig a day (using a 24 hour rolling average), and 1 megabit peak. They provide graphs showing bandwidth (but not the 24 hour rolling averages), as well as provide remote power cycling via web. If I go over, they’ll ask me to either pay more, or lower my burst speed. More money gets me more burst and more gigage. I actually monitor my own stats using rrdtool including the rolling 24 hour averages, so that my expectations are realistic.

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