Test for IPv6

In my $dayjob, I’ve been conversing with other content and access providers, about what going forward with IPv6 means.  It has been observed by a few different parties that once someone publishes their content on IPv6, that there will be a segment of users who can no longer visit the publisher’s web site (whether on IPV6 or IPv4).  Primarily, this has been due to having bad or suboptimal routes for IPv6 installed, which were preferred over IPv4.

For my own amusement, I’ve created [ ] - this will try a few scenarios in *your* browser, and show you what to expect when the first major content provider decides to fully publish on IPv6.

If you’re really groovy, you’ll connect via IPv6.  Hopefully, at minimum, IPv6 won’t *break* you (and your IPv4 will visit the links instead).  If you’re in that small fraction of a percentage of users who will flat out break, this will tell you.

Feedback is welcome. 

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