SuperStar award dinner

Earlier this week was the SuperStar 2008 awards dinner.  Talk about swank!

Accommodations were at the St Regis Hotel, in San Francisco. The lobby was a bit upscale, valet parking as you’d expect, etc.  Maybe a bit more than you’d expect, they pretty much insisted on taking the bags, for the entire 30 foot walk to checkin.   Other than being slightly overstaffed, checkin was fairly nornal.   Then right after checkin, I’m asked if we would like to have the butler called.

Whoa. What?  No, thanks, we’re good.  

We made our way to the room, and were fairly impressed.  Lots of marble, _huge_ windows, centralized controls for the lights and drapes and whatnot (Yes, automatic drapes).  Huge tub that appears to straddle the bathroom and the bedroom (though, you can close the doors and make it a bit more traditional and closed).  It gave the room a much larger appearance than it would have otherwise.   The shower was huge, as was the shower head - I am pretty sure any time someone took a shower  the rest of the city felt the water pressure drop.

Shortly after we’re settled in, an unexpected ring at the door.  Yahoo sent us wine.  We don’t drink wine, but it is the thought that counts.  My father in law will certainly drink it.


We finally start getting ready for the dinner, switching to the monkey suit for myself, the dress for Danae.  We fumble with my tie for ~10 minutes.  Another ring at the door.  This time Yahoo sent a fine cheese assortment.   The person bringing us this, gave us the most valuable recommendation of the evening - “call the butler”.  This wise person needs a raise, as does the butler, as between them I managed to wear a tie.


5:45 rolls around, time to head to the festivities.  We’re greeted as we exit the elevator, onto the floor that Yahoo rented out.  Pictures, congratulations, a badge and a flower pinned to the monkey suit.   And now the media starts in, the fun stuff we use for internal PR.

“Would you like to answer a few interview questions?”  “No.”  “Too bad.  Come this way please.”   Damn.  I proceed to make a fool of myself on camera for a few.  I think I managed to frustate them, as I’m not really a public speaker of any sort.  Small crowds are cool. Big crowds, recordings, etc.. Oi!  Next hour or so, mingling (difficult when you’re hard of hearing), refreshments, more video cameras and awkwardness.  I’m very much afraid of the video they’ll produce and show at the next company All Hands..

7p finally rolls around, and the dining hall opens.  I’m good at this part!   Dinner itself was several courses; I managed to lose count.  Very posh, and the service was exceptional.  I managed to try everything that was served, despite my usual reservations on food.

Everyone is ultimately called up in a random order; 16 individuals, and 8 teams (or at least their delegates).  Everyone is presented, with a story or three, how they’ve benefited the company, etc.  Everyone, and everything they’ve done, is quite impressive - I pretty much feel out of my league here.   Everyone receiving an award is expected to also give a speech.    I manage to not make a total fool of myself by keeping it short.   SuperStar 2008 trophies are handed out, as well as bonuses.  I’m good at this part!

After dinner, we made our way back to our rooms.  While we were out, our rooms were touched up by the hotel staff.   Bathrobes were hung out for us; as well as slippers next to the bed.  Water was placed beside each bedside table.  We are most definitely not used to this level of service…

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