Stomach Check

Flying lessons were fun today.

First off, we headed out beyond Dixon, out to the middle of nowhere. We practiced slow flight, and stalls. This time around, I didn’t try and fight the stall - I had much less of an issue with trying to intentionally stall the airplane. Recovery was good.

Next up. we climbed to 5000 feet, and did a spin. That was done by intententionally stalling the airplane, while not having the plane straight and level. This was mostly a demonstration only - I didn’t actually practice it. From when we started spinning to recovery, we dropped 1000 feet - in a very small number of seconds. The demonstration was very impressive. Both, the ability to recover - and just how fast it really happens. I’m planning on doing additional spin training once I have my license over at the acrobatics school (where their planes are more meant for this kind of intentional stress).

From here, we headed towards Franklin Field, to practice crosswind landings. On the way, we practiced an emergency descent. Kill the throttle, point the nose down, and get that glide speed up to the top of the limits arc. Wee! We bled off a couple thousand feet in no time, and my ears got a good pop from it.

After that, it was time to head back to the home airport. Time’s up!

Tomorrow: Screw the lesson. We’re going to the air show!

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