Staying at Yahoo - - Also, Now Hiring

For those of you keeping score, I’ve turned down the big G, and the local startup, and have decided to stay at Yahoo. However, I’m going to change positions, moving out of the production engineering position within web search, and move into the network engineering team. My initial duties will be centered around being the DNS architect, and also looking to help the neteng team scale better.

On a related note, the production engeering team is hiring. We’re going on a hiring spree, in fact. We’re looking for well rounded people who are experienced in system administration (Linux is a plus, but.. not 100% required), perl programming, application debugging, and network debugging. The team is responsible for operating tens of thousands of machines, automating and providing scalable solutions, managing the applications in the production environment, and participating with development teams to promote scalable and supportable products. If you’d like a formal job description, or you want to talk about the position, mail me, jfesler @ .

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