Second Crosscountry - Modesto

Our second crosscountry flight was from SAC to MOD. “exciting!". For the trip down, I chose 6500 feet for the flight. Getting up to altitude was a bit tought, as I kept leveling us out due to the turbulance, so the climb rate was not what was expected. Once we got above 2000, the air calmed down, but then we had to hold altitude as we had oncoming traffic and we could not see each other. (We never did see the other plane.. tower let us know when it was no longer a factor).

The actual flight down there was fast; 18 knot tailwind helped. Of course, we had to fight that on the way back.

The service crew at Sky Trek aviation were real friendly. They pretty much did valet service for the plane, and invited us to make use of a rather nice pilot’s lounge, even tho we were only staying a few minutes and not buying any fuel. Despite the lack of business, their service levels were still top notch. other comments show they are pretty good, except possibly for folks who converted their planes to run on car fuel (“mogas”).

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