Safari rant

I really wish Safari wasn’t an awesome brower. I friggen HATE firefox. And the other mac browsers? Well, competition’s good.. but.. uh.. I’ll leave it there. They all left me disastisfied.

Which, leads to me being pissed at Safari. It crashes many times a day on my dual G5. Sure enough, got a dual G5 at work to replace an older G3 - and boom. Another friend with a dual g5, constant boom. Sometimes it is so bad that loading a single page after startup can reliably crash it again. I suspect it is something to do with threading or something; I’ve not heard of any single cpu machine users having this problem.

Which, leads to me switching to FireFox, and spending time attempting to make FireFox nearly as useful as Safari. But, Safari, just kicks so much ass in everything except stability. Some things I really miss:

The crappy keyboard UI, I can put up with, after enough retraining of how things work, but the lack of bookmark synchronization (including smartly merging or deleting things), and no way to set hotkeys to bookmarks, make me really dread the switch to firefox.

Safari, I miss you.. but I missed your former stable safe a lot more.

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