Midlife Crisis


.. or at least as good as any other excuse. A couple years back, after being without the motorcycle for some time, I said that by the time I was 35, I’d have something with either two seats or two wheels. The opportunity came up to do both! My crazy beloved wife approved of the idea of a convertible when we rented one in Hawaii. Whoops! :-)

This particular Honda S2000 is “Pearlescent Yellow”, and matches my ST1300 motorcycle’s color (except for the pearl part). In case you’re wondering, no, yellow is not really my favorite color - except on the road. I’d rather be accused of being too visible, than invisible. The downside to such a noticable color, of course, is I have to keep an eye on my speed, since every cop on the road will be too..

For the sportbike riders out there.. You know how when you get to the upper portion of the RPM’s on your bike? The power on this car kicks in at 6000 RPM .. and launches. Below 6000, and the driving is merely sporting. After 6000, hang on!

Honda S2000 Specifications

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