IPv6 web sites: What about 6to4 users?

If you run an IPv6 enabled web site, you should run your own 6to4 relay routers. “Nearby” public gateways may not actually be nearby, or may be overloaded. Running your own can be easy and scalable, by just a few commands on each web server. Traffic destined for 2002::/16 (6to4 users) will automatically be converted to IPv4 before it leaves your host.

Deploying your own private 6to4 return traffic gateways will remove one of two possible 6to4 bottlenecks for your users. They are still at the mercy of the 6to4 gateway closest to them; hopefully, their ISP has deployed 6o4 relays for their customers.

A linux init script is included below.

Note the FreeBSD one has been removed. FreeBSD 7.2 works great; but 8.2 does not (crashes the OS). I’ll have to spend time on it, but it won’t happen before World IPv6 Day.

You can download the script at:–linux

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