If it werent for sex.. we'd have no technology at all

I’m in Vegas for a conference this week. Since the hotel’s wired ports were borked, I looked to see what I could find on wireless.

Two of the SSID’s advertised (with good signal, mind you) are advertisements. Connect to them, and you get an IP address. Browse _anywhere_ and you get (instead of your usual hotel wireless ToS/AUP and pricing page), a page advertising the local specials. The kind of specials where for $250 they’ll come pick you up, and take you the “Steak House And Gentlemen’s Club”. Or various “premium adult web sites”.

Gotta give’m points for ingenuity.

Oh, the other fun thing to see: Walking lit-up billboards, with screens mounted on people’s backs. With screens on top of those screens, rising above the crowd, so you can seem the clearly, even at night, above the crowds.

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