What is gigo you might ask?

The Hacker’s Dictionary has this to say: ; GIGO:

/gi:‘goh/ [acronym] 1. `Garbage In, Garbage Out’ – usually said in response to lusers who complain that a program didn’t “do the right thing” when given imperfect input or otherwise mistreated in some way. Also commonly used to describe failures in human decision making due to faulty, incomplete, or imprecise data. 2. `Garbage In, Gospel Out’: this more recent expansion is a sardonic comment on the tendency human beings have to put excessive trust in `computerized’ data.

For the purposes of this site, it was given new meaning several years ago. I applied the GIGO name to a [gigo.html software package] I wrote. The primary purpose of that package was to translate messages between a hobby based system called Fidonet to the Internet. The name Garbage In, Garbage Out seemed rather suitable, given the nature of what was being transfered.

This site is now primarily a home for hobbyists. It provides free services to hobby groups and individuals who contribute to the community.

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