Flying vs motorcycles

So, a bit ago, I posted about safety with regards to flying. What happened today, I believe only encourages me to fly more, to get away from the dangers of the ground.

I was taking the motorcycle to the shop. Naturally, the shop is on the other side of town - a good 20 minute drive on a good day. During commute hours, twice that. I’m following my wife, so that I stay on her good side by not leaving her in the dust. As we were changing freeways, traffic slowed down.

All of a sudden behind me I can hear screeching. I was still moving - I let off the break, and came up right to the left of the wife’s car, in the emergency lane. By the time I got stopped, and looked in the mirror, I could see a car right where I was - with a huge cloud of burned tire. Had I not moved off to the side and forward, I wouldn’t be writing this now.

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