Fluffy Bunnies

Today was an awesome day. The weather is slightly chilly in the shade, which turns into a perfect temperature inside the cockpit. The clouds today are pretty impressive looking. Lots of fluffly clouds all over (and some pretty tall and menacing ones in the north). Visibility is better than 10 miles (I could see downtown clearly from our practice area 15 miles away). Absolutely gorgeous day out there.

The downside to a day like today, is the air was a bit bouncy - about the same as driving I880 near Oakland. Bumpy, but not bad. Okay, maybe it is bad - the I880 part - but the air was pretty reasonable.

Landings are improving. They still aren’t great - but no longer terrible. Today’s weather was good for it - lots of cross wind landing practice hit the log book.

Tomorrow’s schedule: short field landing and take off - what to do when the runway isn’t a mile long - and simulating engine fire, practicing what needs to happen when you need to get down *now* from altitude.

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