First Flight


Today was my first flight as a bonified pilot. Today’s mission: Not much of anything! I headed out over the Sacramento Delta, following the river towards Antioch. Since I was followin the river rather literally, I confused the poor radar folks a bit, who were trying to keep track of what I was doing (I requested “flight following”, which means, any other traffic in the area would result in a verbal alert from the controller to me).

When I was done out there I headed back to Sacramento, overflew downtown, then did the obgligatory trip flight over my house. I learned new terminology from the tower folks at Sacramento International Airport (I live in their airspace) - “Let me know when you’re on station.” Huh? I’m on the damn frequency, I’m talking to you now!. Turns out, he meant, let him know when I got where I wanted to be and would hold my position, so he could continue routing traffic near (but not too near) me.

I did take a few quick snapshots, but .. they were quick snapshots, witht the point-and-shoot camera, kinda just loosely aimed “down”. Some time I’ll have to take one of the family members up and do it again, and have them use the good camera, and actually aim.

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