DVP5140 Unlock

Some of the things we want to watch are… region 2 *only*. Grr!

Here’s a cheap DVD player ($41 at Amazon - and with Amazon Prime, it was delivered free!), that can play discs from any region. It also can play PAL movies on my NTSC tv. The DVD player *is* cheap - the remote is a peice of crap, and the surround sound output is coax only, no optical. But, it does seem to work, and for the price it was worth a gamble for me.

To make it region code free follow these instruction: * 1. Turn on the unit * 2. Open the loading tray * 3. Press the “Setup” button on the remote * 4. Navigate to the “Preferences” page using the right arrow key * 5. Press the down arrow once to enter the Preference page * 5. Enter 138931 on the remote * 6. You will now see the current region code displayed * 7. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select the region required or “0” for all regions * 8. Press the “Play” button on the remote This entry has been tagged “screwballs” in honor of the MPAA.

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