CycleFinish paint job done


It is done! My ST1300 is now a nice yellow.

I previously posted about concerns with CycleFinish. He originally told me it would be 2-3 weeks to get the bike in to the shop at all, due to his workload. After 4 weeks, I started trying to contact him, and was getting no answer / no reply / nobody @ the shop. That is when I started looking again for more options.

Shortly after that, he did respond, and we scheduled to bring the bike in a week later. Estimate was 2 weeks; with pickup in 2 weeks and 2 days (long story about my bay area commute schedule here). He ended up needing a third week. Suck.

All that said, when I actually got the bike, holy crap did it look great. I would use him again (and probably will for the wife’s bike). The wait was worth it. That said, here are the notes I have:

Pictures of before and after are here: ST1300 pictures

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