Camera review: Canon A75

For my son’s birthday, we bought him a digital camera - the A75. It was almost cheap; and appeared to be of decent quality; and seemed to be functional for a 9 year old to use. After actually playing with it, I ended up buying a second one for myself, to complement the Digital Rebel SLR we own.

[Updated 12/15/05, see bottom]

Typically when we go places, I take the Rebel. I love the SLR - you have so much more control, speed, qaulity, etc than a typical point and shoot camera, and the optical options are tremendous. I can zoom in on a gnat’s ass at twenty paces with the zoom lense. But all that comes at a price - the rebel is hardly portable, and not as likely to always be at hand.

So, when I started to play with my son’s A75, I started to notice several things about this camera, that made it quite nice, especially for the price:

Now of course, not all is entirely perfect and blissful. The things that do stand out as negatives:

Update 12/15/05

The lens busted. “error14” on bootup. I was out on a motorcycle ride on a recent weekend, when the batteries ran out. I swapped batteries, only to find I was negligent on keeping CHARGED batteries with me. Bottom line, the lens did not retract back into the camera body. Since I was on the motorcycle, I had nowhere safe to put it, but back into my motorcycle bag. The lense forcefully retracted inside my bag on the way home, and is now toast. I’m replacing the A75 with the Canon SD400 (Digital Elph), which should be easier to carry, but has the same risk.

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