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A couple months ago, EngineYard poked me. Well, actually, Tom Mornini did, about EngineYard. Tom gave me my original break into this industry. As to the poking, this wasn’t the first poke - but the company is now more mature, profitable, and growing like crazy. They reached the point where I could take the financial risk to join them, and once again work with that employer. I wasn’t really looking for outside jobs, but this was a rare opportunity to work with Tom again.

Unfortunately, after spending a week there, I’ve come to the conclusion (more of a concussion) that the fit isn’t quite right for me. The big Why? After spending a small bit of time at EngineYard, I wasn’t comfortable with fit. This is not a reflection of EngineYard, but more a matter of spending time there that an interview alone doesn’t really cover. I also found that going from guru to f.n.g. overnight is a bit of a shock - one that I’m not entirely ready to get over yet.

As such, I’m heading back to the big Y!. They are gracious enough to have me back (Thank you Adam, Raj, and David).

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