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The bad news: Apple’s has serious z-order (window ordering) problems going from any app back to The only way to get’s windows back to the foreground is to click the dock icon twice (and I mean, not double click!).

The good news: XDarwin builds from fink “unstable”; and my problem with meta-V not being passed, can be worked around with Apple’s new ability to remap hotkeys for existing application functions.

This is based on a CLEAN OS install. Sorry. I am now working on reproducing it on an unclean one, by following the directions to remove fink and starting over.

Build xfree86 using fink “unstable”. To do this, I changed /sw/etc/fink.conf to “Trees: local/main stable/main stable/crypto unstable/main unstable/crypto”; then used Fink Commander to build xfree86 from source. I also had it install fvwm2, wget, lynx-ssl, pine-ssl (plus all dependencies) from source. These take a long time.

A bit of background: my fvwm and xterm settings expect “meta-N” (new xterm), “meta-V” (paste), and “meta-W” (close window) to be passed to them - and not eaten by the OS. My prior attempts to make things work with Apple’s X11 are at “[apples_x11app_and_xterm_copypaste.html Apple’s and Xterm Copy/Paste]".

By default, xfree86 eats the copy/paste keys, even though it can’t actually paste. That’s annoying! Tiger however does offer a solution: Under Apple’s “System Preferences”, go to Keyboard & Mouse. Go to Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on Application Keyboard Shortcuts, press “+”. Set the Application to XDarwin. Set the Menu Title to “Paste” (no quotes, and capitalized P - this must exactly match the menu items). Now, set the keyboard shortcut to something you’d never really use in XDarwin. I set mine to control-option-command-V . I did a similiar operation for “Close” (changing from command-W to control-option-command-W).

I am no longer running “quartz-wm”. That is not needed under XDarwin. Copy/paste is working between “apple” apps and xterms.

You can look at my config files if you wish.

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