Jason Fesler
Tracy, CA
877-433-7537 x22

Objective: to help large critical systems scale, while making them 2am friendly.

Work Experience:

Apple Inc Sunnyvale, CA

Network and Datacenter Automation; July 2016 - Present

Yahoo! Inc - Sunnyvale, CA

Distinguished Architect, Operations; May 2007 - July 2016

test-ipv6.com - IPv6 Test for end users

That Person; April 2010 - Present

Yahoo! Inc - Sunnyvale, CA

Production Engineering; April 1999 - April 2007

USPS ECS project; System Administration (Contract); Septempber 1, 1998 - April 24, 1999

CalWeb Internet Services - Sacramento, CA

Sr. System Administrator; April 16, 1996 - September, 1998

InfoMania Prepress and Design - Rancho Cordova, CA

Jr. Admin, Digital Output Technician; October 94 - April 16, 96

Self Employment

Shareware Author specializing in online communications; June 91 - July 2016

Author, Internet/BBS gateway software: “GIGO” translates private email and message forums from the public internet to private community BBS packages. This software had been instrumental in bringing message connectivity to many foreign countries with the aid of organizations such as NSNET and Permanet. Many of the sites that started using my software to bring affordable communications to their community later in turn became internet service providers as the cost of communications to these countries dropped in price. (April 1994 to May 1997)

Author, BBS remote-access communication software: “WME” a full-screen TTY driven menued environment for accessing file and message based services. 400+ registered sites around the world used this package before it had to be decommissioned in 1994 due to higher priorities. (June 1991 to October 1994)


I’m a jack of all trades; a hybrid developer and SA, with the paranoia of a security admin. I’m familiar with a lot; but not necessarily intimate with everything. I can get intimate with the proper resources when the need presents itself.

Server OS: Linux, BSD, Solaris

Security: Competent with CGI, script, and C application auditing; general network security. Routers and switches do not provide authoritative security. Never trust the inputs. Security is a feature of doing my job well, but not my primary and undivided focus.

Network: Able to debug routing and switching issues. I know about duplex. I can use tcpdump. My production engineering role involved investigating, fixing, and configuring ARP, OSPF and BGP. I am NOT a networt architect, but I will complement one.

Unix: apache and related; postfix, sendmail, spamassassin, qpopper, cyrus, dovecot, bind, djbdns, radius, rwhoisd; custom antispam defenses.

Services: - WWW, Secure WWW, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS, NIS, MySQL, SSH, CVS

Metrics: I’m big on collecting information about how things work - instrumenting or having other apps properly instrumented to provide the data, and using tools such as RRD to make the data understandable. A large part of this is making the data easily and logically available in such a way that diagnosing the unhealthy parts of a large complex system becomes easy.

Languages: Go, Perl, PHP, HTML, CGI, C, JS, Python, basic SQL. At one time: Pascal, 80x86 assembly. Able to pick up anything quickly. Favorite working langauge is Go; prior to that, for 20 years, it was Perl. I’m not religious about langauge - I’m more concerned about there being a common language amongst the teams.


Currently not actively seeking; however, willing to chat for interesting opportunities.

About Me

I am a system administrator with a heavy side of programming. My background is heavily influenced by being “the guy” at an Internet Service Provider; and with being on a hard core team keeping the Yahoo search engine and supporting infrastructure working. I believe IPv6 is critical to the continued success of the Internet. I code Perl on a daily basis. O’Reilly books are an essential part of life. I am a licensed private pilot.