Web hosting is limited to those I trust giving shell access to. Exceptions ``may`` be made by Jason Fesler, particularly where editors don’t need file access. An example of this will be blogs or mediawikis installed by Jason Fesler, and edited by the domain owners.

Domain hosting

As a preference, if your domain is being hosted at gigo.com, I prefer to also host your DNS. This allows me to make IP address changes if needed (i.e., if the server has to move on short notice for any reason).

Domain owners should publish their content at /www/virt/domain.name/.

Statistics are available by visiting http://stats.gigo.com and clicking on the appropriate domain name link. Statistics are updated daily.

For people without domains

You can place your files in ~username/public_html/ . This will make your files available as http://gigo.com/~username/filename.

I recommend getting a domain name for your use. This will permit you to move your web site and your email address, without having to notify all of your contacts. This basically makes your address “portable” on the internet. Otherwise, you will be tied to the services of gigo.com long-term.

Transfering Files

Only SFTP is supported.

Server name: gigo.com User name: your unix username on gigo.com Password: your unix password on gigo.com

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