Speed upgrade

Short news, gigo.com’s network budget is going up; users using slow.gigo.com for transfers should notice a difference (And not need to make any changes).

The bad news is, the reason for this is we have now exceeded our contractual limits, and this is raising our bill from \$125/month to \$200/month. As a reminder, I am accepting contributions towards running this thing, see http://pal.gigo.com.

The good news is, this will take us from 128 kbit/sec to 1 megabit/sec for what we are allowed, using the “percentile billing” method (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burstable_billing).

I am configuring the server so that “slow.gigo.com” will always rate limit to 80% of what we are allowed (and not allow busting beyond this limit). And, the rest of the server traffic, will also rate limit itself should we start approaching our contractual limits. We will be able to burst 10 megabit for up to 36 hours a month (in 5 minute increments) ; if we really do hit these limits we will slow down all traffic to make sure there are no suprises on the internet bill.

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