SCA email boxes (and other services)

I contribute resources to those in the SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism. This is something I do where/when appreciated, quietly and mostly behind the scenes, but won’t twist folks arms to do.

Among those contributed are:

Domains for SCA orgs

I’m a bit eccentric, I admit. If you want me to handle your SCA domain (like,, I am going to want to make sure a few things are handled, and I am a bit specific about this. I’ve seen things fail badly in the past that bugged me badly.

In the past there have been SCA domains set up, webministers setting things up, and then Real Life kicking in. And it kicks in a serious way, to the point where the domain is effectively no longer managed or managable.

When I register a domain, I want to ensure that two greater officers at all times CAN move the domain . This is in case I get hit by a bus (or worse, real life.) This way, the organization can relocate the web site to any commercial ISP, should there be a need, instead of waiting until the domain expires and re-registering it.

If I do webhosting for the domain, I require contact info for the webminister. This is because I have to neccesarilly open my system up to them more than average. Since abuse on my system CAN cost me financially.. :-)

Additionally: If the website ends up being something that costs me money due to bandwidth, at that time I’ll either need to start invoicing for bandwidth, or get you to trim your bandwidth needs, or relocate the website portion to a commercial provider. I pay a flat fee for my bandwidth, unless my server uses a lot of sustained bandwidth. I think the only SCA web site that would cost me money to host is :-). I am only mentioning this because of the potential - not the likelihood.

If I do mail hosting and mail forwarding for a domain, typically I have the webminister handle keeping track of any forwarding that is needed. I don’t attend officer meetings (I’m not an officer - I’m just someone who believes in the dream, and who’s in the background, and married to someone who’s… not in the background). This said, if I get a dually authenticated request from the PUBLISHED officers of the domain in question, I will step in to make changes.

Mail boxes!

Since there is rumor of a new BOD decision that everyone must send mail from their officer email address, this offer is now being publicly extended.

I will, for those of you with ISP’s who will not let you send mail as your SCA officer title, be willing to host a mailbox, mail forwarding (if desired), and most importantly, the ability for you to send mail as that title. Read below under “Mail account requirements”.

I will also extend this offer to non-officers who simply want an alternate permanent email address, and are tired of the various hotmail/yahoo/gmail/etc services, or who are finding yourselves tired of hopping from one ISP to another and having to change email addresses.

Mail account requirements

If you wish a mail account with me, I will need the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is to be filled in later, as we get questions, provide answers, and those answers are *validated* by the people asking the questions. Since this offer is open to multiple sub organizations in the SCA, I really need the help of the various webministers providing assistance, to make sure I get good feedback to put here.

About me

I am Jason Fesler, . My account is NEVER filtered - but it is 99% spam, so please make sure the subject line says something that tells me you are a real person, like “SCA ACCOUNT” or “WEST KINGDOM” or “THREE CHEERS FOR THE KING OF THE WEST” or some such. Stuff that the normal spam won’t have :-). I can be reached at 877-433-7537 if you’re in a pinch, but please respect reasonable calling hours. I am an individual, not a business.

My offers to the populace are my way of contributing to the Dream.

I do *not* wish to be recognized officially for this. A simple thank you from the folks actually benefiting I’ll gladly accept. But I’m doing this for the Dream, and not for any awards or ceremonies. That’s not my gig.

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