Partial HW update over xmas

File space usage has grown significantly since our last server upgrade. I expected the current disk space to hold us for 4 years, which is about what I budget for the overall hardware. Alas, it is looking like perhaps I should upgrade the storage sooner.

The fun part is, currently is comprised of 5 disks, but realistically only 250 gig usable space to end users. We spend a fair bit on redundancy, in case of catastrophy. Here is how it is broken out:

With that in mind, if I do upgrade storage, I’m not upgrading just one disk, but realistically all 5. Ooof!

What I’m looking at doing is:

The backups can be desktop class; they get hit with less work, don’t need to be as fast, and we can afford a failure there without a serious panic. They should however be larger than the main system drives, since we backup multiple days worth of changes (currently we back up ~20 days worth of changes; this number varies based on space available and number of changes made in a day).

I’m looking to try and help raise about half this cost - so a target of \$375. If you’re a significant user of and can help, please contact me. Lady Visa will be covering the gap; I’m aiming to do this hardware changeout over the xmas break.

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