Now Using MediaWiki

Some time ago, I decided that working on web sites sucked, and moved to using a blog. At the time, Movable Type seemed to fit the bill pretty decently. However, I’ve not kept it up to date (too many customizations); and the licensing has changed over time. With the latest announcements about MT support changing, I’ve finally decided to act on moving on to something different.

Using a CMS of some form still makes sense for me. I don’t want to hand edit web pages. I don’t want a big fancy GUI html design program. I’m not a web designer, not by a long shot. I just need a way to quickly toss up my thoughts; and have the underlying framework be relatively easy to maintain, and not see Bugtraq posts about it often.

MediaWiki seems to fit the requirements. My only real beef with MediaWiki is that “skinning” it is not the most enjoyable task; as such, this site is going to look an awful lot like another popular site (maybe you’ve heard of Wikipedia?).

Page links are going to be broken until the search engines figure it out. I’ve put up a 404 handler to redirect people to the search engine, so hopefully whatever you’re looking for you’ll find easily.

Jfesler 16:02, 9 July 2011 (PDT)

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