Need To Replace Postini

Postini is transitioning to Google Apps in 2012

I got this in my inbox today.


The Postini services transition to Google Apps

Dear Postini services customer,

Thank you for being a valued customer of Postini services. We are writing to inform you of some important changes to your Google Message Security service, powered by Postini.

In 2013, we plan to transition your Postini services to Google Apps for Business.

Over the past year, we have built Postini email security features into Google Apps for Business. Google Apps is a professional suite of hosted email, calendar, and collaboration services.

With this transition to Google Apps, you can receive similar email security and protection, but through the more robust Google Apps service. Google Apps also works with mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, so you don’t need to switch to Gmail.

What’s next?

At your next renewal date, we will start your transition from your Postini service to Google Apps.

At least 60 days before the end of your Postini services contract:

We’ll send you detailed information about the transition process and the Google Apps email security features. You’ll receive a new agreement that continues your Postini service until your Google Apps migration and also provides you Google Apps at the same price as your Postini service. These first transition notifications are being sent to customers whose renewal dates are November 1, 2012 or later. If your renewal date is between August 15 and October 31, 2012, you’ll receive the standard Postini renewal agreement, and we will contact you with information about the transition in 2013.

If you do not want to transition to Google Apps: We’ll include instructions to follow, and your Postini service will terminate at your contract end date.

What do I need to do now?

You don’t need to make any changes to your Postini service or sign up for a Google Apps account. Your Postini service will continue as usual until your migration begins. We will be in touch at least 60 days before your renewal date.

We realize this transition may bring up questions. You can find FAQs, view a video, learn how to look up your agreement date, and see a feature roadmap in the Postini Help Center. You can also find out more about Google Apps for Business at the Google Apps site. If you need additional assistance after reading the FAQ, please contact Postini Support.

If you have a longer term contract for Postini services, please contact your Google Account Manager.

We are committed to making your transition from Postini as smooth as possible and look forward to providing you with Google Apps email security services.

After the transition, you’ll also have added features such as Gmail and Google Docs available. And we can help you explore Google Apps when you’re ready.

Sincerely, Postini and Google Apps Team

What Does This Mean?

Google appears to want to flat out host the mail. And they want $50/year/user/domain.

So, we need an alternative. Suggestions welcome. Our contract is up in April - we need a solution before then.

Update: Google Apps for Business won. Nobody else was comparble. –jason

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