Mail policies

Updated Mar 20, 2011.

How we filter, why we filter

All mail is scrutinized at the SMTP level. We do not look at message contents (unless the end user specifically sets up content filters). looks at the *envelope* of the delivery (much like how postal mail uses envelopes but the contents may be totally different of what was represented).

When looking at the envelope we look for several signs that the mail is less than genuine. Some of the common checks we use are listed below:

We have several other tricks up our sleeves as well, which are in our best interest to not publish.. But ultimately, we check only the envelope, so the privacy of the message is preserved. Users are responsible for their own content filtering, if any. Users do have the option of having SpamAssassin prescreen their mail. If you are one of my users, and want to enable SA, then go here.

On request, we can and will put a filter on a user’s account so that they will have html, RTF, and attachments stripped entirely. If you are one of the users who store mail locally at gigo, and would like this, mail with your request.

your filter blocked us wrongly!

We’ll be the first to say that our rules might accidentically refuse something that is legitimate. We do our best to avoid that. However, the dynamics of the internet do change. Sites that used to be blocked change ownership and purpose; internet addresses get owned by new people; new sites that appear to be mail relays are legimitate (blue mountain is an example).

If you had a message you sent get refused by, and the message refered you to this page, we will be more than happy to make an exception for you. What we need to know is who you are, who you were sending to, and approximately when you sent it (down to the nearest day is fine). We’ll verify the logs and figure out the best way to change our rules, whether it is a one-off case or a complete policy change.

If you are a user, and you do not want any filtering done at all at this level, also send email. We can easily not filter mail for anyone who asks. If you want this to happen, we suggest a technique called whitelisting to keep your main inbox spam-free.

Whitelisting is the act of looking for the mail you *expect* to get and sending it to your main mailbox - and defering all other mail to a different mailbox so that it doesn’t interrupt you with the same immediacy as your inbox. A sample script would be find-email-in-sentmail. This script is available for download but no tech support for it is available.

Requests should go to Requests to the postmaster are never filtered by However, it may take up to a day to respond, depending on circumstances. is a hobby system providing free services to various individuals and hobby groups; it provides no income. As such the postmaster has a paying job that has to come first.

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