Mail changes - planned

[Updated Sunday 2:00p]  -  Changes are now in effect.

Condensed version:

Attachments are allowed now (most are, at least).  Incoming viruses or otherwise “dangerous” files will be made a bit safer (the message is turned into an attachment; and the message you see, will say [VIRUS ATTACHED] in the subject line). 

Attachments (in and out) are scanned for viruses using an open-source virus checker.  This is not a good substitute for you running your own protection.  We could (collectively) pay for a commercial virus checker.  A better use for your money is to make sure your workstation is running antivirus of its own.

Spam filtering has changed a bit; please make sure you are filtering on “X-Spam-Flag: YES”.  If you can only filter by subject, then look for SPAM in the subject line.   A limited amount of customization is still available at - primarily affecting whitelists, blacklists, and a minimum score to consider a message as SPAM.

Finally, mail is being signed with DKIM.  Some providers will give us a a positive nudge when they do their own spam checking when the mail is properly signed.  I can do this for other domains as well - let me know if you want this.  

I’m reachable as or (if you have problems with that for any reason) .

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