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Email Update - domain users - 01/18/2013

Migration is in progress. I’ll work with each of you over the next few days to help you transition. Perhaps you’d like to see the Mail Transition Notes page?

Email Update - domain users - 12/30/2012

Most shell-only users have had their email disabled. If you have an emergency need for email, edit your .forward (remove it); and configure your mail client to use “” for the outbound mail.

Most non-gigo-domain users have had their address disabled. Your regular addresses will continue to work. See also Mail Update Domain Users.

Email Update - domain users - 12/29/2012

I’ve switched “”’s spam handling to the cheap service; this is the interim step until Google fixes their records. After that, will switch to Google Apps.

Email Update - domain users - 12/22/2012

See also Mail Update

This page is people with email addresses.

Our existing spam solution (Postini) is going away. I’ve examined the options; and I’ve decided that is going to move to Google Apps For Business. It has a better supported webmail interface, and a better supported anti-spam than anything else I’ve seen.

Think about how bad the spam problem is for your particular case; also think about how attached you are to your address. You have a decision to make (by February 1).

The paid solution runs $50/year per user; with each user being allowed to have up to 30 aliases. I have to front that cost; then ask you to pay your share.

The free solutions will involve some level of sacrifice. Both in terms of spam protection, as well as user friendliness. I’ll outline the options below.

If you want to keep using

I have come up with just a few recommended solutions. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


Are you willing to pay for spam protection?

If you really need spam protection, and \$50/year is a hardship, contact me. I have limited ability to sponsor this for people. I really need people who can pay, to do so. Or, take one of the other solutions.


Price: $50/year Hosted: at Google

This is the recommended solution for those that value addresses, who want strong spam protection, and can afford it.

We’ll move your mail hosting to Google Apps for Business, with your email address. This means a better webmail interface (looks like gmail); pop/imap access; spam protection, etc. This account allows for 25 gigs of storage between mail and the other Google Apps services.


(No) Solution 1

Price: $0/year Hosted: on Note: Still hits Google briefly Note: Mail formatting differences Mail will be first routed to Google. On my end, I’ll configure a “group” (mailing list) that has the free server’s email address on it as the only recipient. This will technically work. However, ever message will look like it is from a mailing list. I’d personally only recommend this if you’re moving away from the email address to something more personal. Please note that this solution has no spam protection.

(No) Solution #2

Price: $0/year Hosted: on Note: Never hits Google We change your email address to something like Mail to this domain will not be routed to Google at all. They won’t see your email. This will function much the way our service has for the last 10+ years - except with no spam protection. You’ll need to update your address with friends, family, etc.

This can be combined with Solution #1.

Solution #3

Price: $0/year Hosted: on Note: Never hits Google We change your email address to a domain you own. Mail to this domain will not be routed to Google at all. They won’t see your email. This will function much the way our service has for the last 10+ years. See also Mail Update Domain Users. If you don’t already have a domain, new domains typically run in the $15/year range. Once you have a domain, you can easily move it to another provider, without notifying all your friends and family.

This can be combined with Solution #1.

Action needed from you

I need to know which option you plan on doing. This will allow me to ultimately set things up right, to coordinate with you, and make sure you’re ultimately well taken care of. It will also lower my stress levels significantly as I transition the domain.

No feedback = no spam protection. I won’t move anyone who doesn’t express a willingness to pay the $50/fee that Google asks. If you don’t indicate a preference otherwise, I will default you to solution 1 above.


Postini / Google integration was handled badly, at least from a customer point of view. Any domain that signed up with Postini, is unable to sign up for Google Apps for Business. The page simply takes me back to the Postini subscription if I try and sign up.

I expect to get the notice to move approximately February 1, with a hard cutoff of moving away from Postini by April 4.

I also expect to have busy weekends (the timing sucks for this, on my side); and I expect bumps from Google in their transition of our Postini account over. Please bear with me.

Mail routing and hosting

After the transition, email for will be routed through Google. For paid accounts, the mail will be hosted at Google. For non-paid accounts, the non-filtered email will be forwarded (by way of a Group) to the existing mail server.

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