Mail Transition Notes

Mail Transition Notes

This page is for people who are paying for either addresses, or for their personal domain email, to move to Google Apps for Business. If you’re not paying for your address to move, your address is now You’ll see this when you log into the server, as part of the login announcements (motd).

Google’s gmail

Google has a _lot_ of information already published. Some pointers:

Logging in - First Time

Logging in is easy:


Thunderbird / Apple Mail / Other Mail Clients (IMAP)

If you prefer to use your regular mail client, using IMAP, this requires a bit of setup (at first). If you’re completely non-technical, get my help.

Google’s notes:

My notes:

Thunderbird / Apple Mail / Other Mail Clients (POP3)

Note that if you use POP3, your actions are not synchronized across either gmail or your other devices. I personally recommend IMAP as much as possible.


Google’s basic spam level filtering is decent, but not perfect. If you want it to get better, you need to spend a bit of time helping Google learn what *you* consider to be spam. This is as simple as marking mail as either “Spam” or “Not Spam” when they get it wrong.

Using “gmail”

Using “IMAP” (anything that isn’t the gmail web interface)

Filters, Sorting your Mail

Google does support server-side filtering of email. You define the filters; and your mail will be either routed to folders (labels) automatically, or discarded automatically, based on your choices. This will happen as new mail comes in; and it won’t matter what device you read your email with.

Google’s documentation on this is at .

Personally, I have found this to be the most efficient way to create filters.

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