IMAP and Squirrelmail Users: read this

As part of the server upgrade, software upgrade, etc, I’m going to standardize parts of the mail service. This affects two types of users here, IMAP users and SquirrelMail users. [Everyone else can ignore this..]

[Updated 822] IMAP users: When the maintenance happens, you’ll likely need to go into your software, remove your account, then re-add the account. If you have client-side mail filters, they need to be adjusted.

822: If you use a text based mail client, you may find your IMAP folder names changed a bit. INBOX is still your main inbox; but other folders, you should remove the INBOX. at the front. Ie, from INBOX.myspam to just spam.

IMAP users using At the time of the upgrade, switch to You have been using a standard config. I’ll leave mail2 up and functional for a while, probably until the current certificate expires (since I paid good money for that certifiicate anyways..).

SQUIRRELMAIL USERS (the web mail interface): I will manually convert your mail accounts for you. The folders list may look a bit different when this conversion happens. I will update your mail filters, if you have any on SquirrelMail, as needed.

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