No solo crosscountry (in the skiing sense, as one friend put it) flying today. The windows picked up too much; that if they weren’t favoring my direction, I’d have a tough time getting the plane on the ground. We’ll try again in a couple weeks. We’ll also start doing night flights then.

As to being hoodwinked.. we made use of the time we had in the plane to catch up on a few things. More hood work (that is, wearing a view-limiting device, so all you can see is the inside of the airplane and not the outside). We started off with the normal change course and altitude stuff (as tho I am requesting help from air traffic control to get back out of the clouds). After that, we did high and low speed stalls - bringing the nose up the airplane so high that the wings stop producing lift. Stall recovery is a bit more exciting when you can’t see anything outside!

No lessons next weekend, as I’ll be flying in something much bigger and much less fun to visit friends in Virginia..

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