Gallery support going away

Due to the past security issues with Gallery 1, the open security issues with Gallery 2, and the philosphy that the Gallery dev team takes with regards to Gallery, I am pulling support for it on the server.

Those of you with gallery instances on, I’ll be contacting you to make other arrangements, either to something simple (yes, I do have an alternative) and auditable, or to help you relocate your gallery instances off this server and onto another site.

I have converted some of the sites already; my own included. You can check out for an example of what I’m moving to, and hoping to move others to. It is clearly very simple :-). Uploads can be done via ssh, sftp, rsync over ssh, (etc), and no web GUI needed to tell it that you’ve uploaded pictures.

I won’t require that this be _the_ software - but I will require that anything that is put up, is 1: auditable without TOO much of my time; 2: maintained (by authors or by you); and 3: doesn’t have a proven track record of insecurity.

If you’re really hard pressed to keep using “gallery”, we’ll want to relocate your stuff. I’m waiting for word back from Dreamhost to see if they’ll one-click-update their Gallery2 installation. If so, that might be a viable option. I’m not going to recommend Gallery1 without them doing the install, unless you fully understand and are willing to deal with your own upgrades.

Update: Dreamhost only does one-click initial install, after that, you’re totally on your own again.

I’ll update this later when I have more info, including instructions on how to switch to what I’m using now. I’ll also be contacting people individually (Sean, Dave, David.. )

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