Fund Raising

Operating the services at can be quite expensive.


The current server equipment cost was $2000. This provided a reasonably beefy machine, with software raid, lots of hard drive redundancy, lots of memory, and is overall a decent box. We’re on the last year of service for this box. I’ve recently replaced the CPU to help buy a bit more time (quite literally); but we’re realistically on the last year of service for this hardware assuming a sane 4 year life cycle.

The next server I anticipate spending more towards $3000. This is a combination of the weaker dollar, plus better hardware. Hardware raid will help keep the box running even if a hard drive fails (software raid requires hands-on time to recover, but will preserve the data).


Keeping a server in a datacenter costs money. We currently pay $200/month to Hurricane Electric for 4U of space, 2 amps of power, and 100 megabits flat rate for bandwidth. In theory, I could find something cheaper - but you get what you pay for. Hurricane Electric’s service *and* support have both been great over the last several years.


We will from time to time solicit for donations. Solicitations will be for a specific cause; typically for hardware replacement since that requires a bulk up front payment. There is no obligation for you to contribute; but your contribution will be appreciated. Nobody will be penalized for not contributing. Please think about what personal value you get out of these services. For some of you, it is great; for some of you, it is negligible.

Donations are not tax deductible. If anyone is familiar with the workings of setting things up as a nonprofit, I’d love to buy you coffee to chat about it. Today, I treat any such donations as income; pay taxes on it; and use the remainder towards providing these services. I suspect that won’t be changing any time soon.

A large number of people have contributed over the years. Thank you!

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