DVD to mp3 and iPod

Thanks to the hints at http://www.perturb.org/content/dvd2mp3-2.html, I now have a sane way to handle copying the audio soundtracks from a DVD, and saving them as mp3 for use on our ipods.

Needed tools: LAME MPlayer OSX From the mencoder package, I found (using the unix underpinnings of OSX) the actual mplayer executable, and put that in my path. LAME, I compiled and installed.

jfesler-g5:~/\$ mkfifo soundpipe jfesler-g5:~/\$ ~/bin/mplayer -ao pcm -vo null -aofile ~/soundpipe -vc dummy dvd://2 -dvd-device /dev/rdisk3

In another window..

jfesler-g5:~/\$ lame -b 128 soundpipe audio.mp3

My next experiments will hopefully be to extract one chapter at a time, so that I don’t end up with a single 2 hour mp3.

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