DNS hosting is available. If your domain is hosted here, I actually *prefer* to host your DNS as well.

For those with shell access to gigo.com, I can give you a directory to put your zones in. Changes to those zones will be picked up once a minute and mirrored to both ns1.gigo.com and ns2.gigo.com. Templating is supported; you can symlink a template zone into several zone names, for easier maintenance. If you have DNS servers on your own servers, you can simply rsync your zone files over when you have changes.

Both of my servers act as masters; if ns1.gigo.com were to totally die, ns2 would keep serving (and never stale-out the data). I can restore from ns2, as well.

If you prefer, for a small number of zones, I can slave from you the traditional way. Note that if my servers can’t see yours for an extended period of time, they will stop serving your zones (standard DNS 101!). I tend to avoid this setup when possible.

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