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Updated 7/2/2007

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Contributions towards operating this server are greatly appreciated. In the past people have directly contributed hardware in times of need, and at other times, funds. Our original estimate was that this could cover the costs until 2006, but, that was .. not taking into account taxes (!). As such, the funds raised in 2003 have been used up, and I am back to operating this server 100% out of pocket. I’m not complaining; but I don’t mind assistance either :-).

Money collected here will be put specifically towards hardware and colocation feeds. The hardware has been purchased, and colocation started. If you’re willing to help towards these costs, click the PayPal button. Send whatever you feel is appropriate; common values have range from \$5 to \$100.

If you’d prefer to send me a check or want to meet up in person, email me instead. I’ll give you my postal address via email, or we can make other arrangements.

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