Contribution Status 2007 (Final)

GIGO.COM Contributions Update

I wanted to give everyone a final status update. With your help \$2300 has been raised as of 7/13/2007. Once again the generosity from the lists and users has been amazing.

A server has been ordered (\$2000) and should arrive at my house late next week. I expect to put it live in the next 1-2 months, after building the new server (software, data) “on the side”. I will of course give a large heads-up when we schedule this maintenance to set it live. This is likely in August.

Bandwidth for the server has been upgraded (\$200/month, from 125). We are now allowed to average up to 1 megabit, with peaks of up to 100 megabit. The server will automatically throttle itself down to 1 megabit when needed to avoid nasty bills (we’re allowed to peak only 5% of the time, any values beyond that are considered billable).

This is the last update on the pledge breaks you’ll hear from me, until hopefully 2011. That said, any further contributions will (of course!) still be welcome, and will go directly towards defraying my hosting fees.

Thank you. Jason Fesler,,, and others

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