End users on, please note..

I pay for the amount of sustained bandwidth used. A portion of the peak traffic is “free” and then I pay for the next highest rate used. (Look for “95 percentile billing”).

This means, I need people to either do what they are going to do with my server *quickly*, and use as few 5 minute peak periods as possible, or transfer slowly.

People wanting to do backups, please use “” for the server name. This will automatically throttle up/down once a minute based on server usage. Also, if more than one backup is running at once, this will keep things under the billing radar.

I *am* considering the costs of relocating to a place that simply charges for bandwidth moved; and/or paying my current provider more per month for a higher rate cap. Either way, it is money. Changing providers, means building a new box and migrating services, which requires time.

Please help me keep mostly free, either move your data fast, or use - - *especially* if you’re uploading from DSL (which is just over the speed limit, and uses the most possible “free” time).



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